Steve Jobs started Apple in his parents’ garage. Zuckerberg and Gates started Facebook and Microsoft in college. Where will the next billion-dollar empire be born? Room A121.

That’s where Jesuit’s Entrepreneurship Club will be holding its first meeting of the year this Monday, September 9, after school. If you want to be part of building the next Amazon or explore an interest in business and entrepreneurship, all grade levels are encouraged to stop by and give it a shot.

About the Club

Last year, the Jesuit LaunchX Club paved the framework for students to delve more deeply into the world of entrepreneurship. To read about the LaunchX program the club completed over the course of the 2018-2019 school year, reference this article written about the club.

This year, the club has consolidated its efforts around a single startup, SmarterStudy. The original founders of SmarterStudy, Trey Ashmore ’20, Max Arroyo ’20, Thomas Cluck ’20, and Mark Costa ’20, explain the purpose of their startup:

“Our purpose at SmarterStudy is to provide free and available access to an online, collaborative platform of students across the nation. We’re working to help students everywhere build their own web of educational resources to make sure they excel, no matter where they’re from or what school they go to. Our goal is to help remedy educational inequality in whatever way we can, and uniting students allows us to build a better, brighter tomorrow. Only at SmarterStudy can a student find class-specific resources contributed from others just like them. We also make it possible for students to contact each other and create online study groups, encouraging students to surround themselves with fellow hard workers.”

Summer Progress

SmarterStudy has been grinding over the summer to make its project a reality. Meeting at Starbucks and Panera Bread over the summer, club members developed content for the site and filed the paperwork to officially make their company a limited liability corporation in the state of Texas.

Looking Forward

While many club members will continue to develop content for the site, most of this year’s club time will be anchored in marketing our site to high school students. But if that’s not your thing, you will be able to explore your entrepreneurial interest in some form or fashion. There really is something for everyone to do in the club. 


Stay tuned to The Roundup for more news from Jesuit’s Entrepreneurship Club!