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I know this title is very aggressive and pessimistic. And to be honest, when I read it, it does seem a little hyperbolic. But I would have to say it probably is the best way to describe it. To many, it probably sounds very ironic for someone to say their fourth year of high school was the “worst.” After...
There's a phenomena at Jesuit every Thursday that few can explain. We went to the students to discover why one item in the cafeteria is more popular than the others.
3 am.  Sweat dripping down his face, a hard-working Junior labors away at another physics problem set.  Eyes dilated, face winced, he looks with existential dread at the unread pages of the Iliad.  Quiz? Test? Essay? Homework?  For many, sacrificing sleep is simply the price one pays for academic success.  Surely there had to be a better way? Meet Will...
If you went to the football game last Friday, you might have noticed an interesting face in the student section. What was peculiar was that it was a face without a body, nicknamed the Dion Scion (Dye-on Sigh-on). Created by Senior Rudder Allison, the Dion Sign was a popular addition to the student section, bringing good fun and laughter to...
(Disclaimer: This is satire) After nine months of arduous labor, that special week once again approaches us. Finals week. The word final comes the Latin “fin,” which means the end or the border, and the Greek “al,” which means through great pain and suffering. Students have spent the entire school year preparing for an hour and a half exam for each...
For years, Jesuit students who fail to get a junior lot parking pass have been pushed to the outskirts of the school and forced to make the perilous walks from Willow to school, regardless of weather. These students struggle through the rain and cold to make a slightly longer walk than the rest of the students who purchased parking passes...
https://youtu.be/Xh1ZlVQTk5s This is a vlog following the life of a freshman at Jesuit going through a normal school day. Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned to The Roundup for updates on campus life at Jesuit and all things Jesuit Dallas.
I wouldn't consider myself a party animal. Not a partier at all really. They are too loud and awkward for me so I generally don't like them. But I did like this girl. And we both liked Stranger Things (popular TV show, check it out if you haven't already). And Prom is kind of coming up... Maybe you can see...

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