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You stand in line, wait, glance at your phone as time trickles by.  When the wait is over, you glance at your sparse options: a taco plate or a cold sandwich.  Surely there has to be a more efficient and enjoyable way to eat at Jesuit. Luckily for the student body, the Jesuit cafeteria will be completely revamped for the...
I wouldn't consider myself a party animal. Not a partier at all really. They are too loud and awkward for me so I generally don't like them. But I did like this girl. And we both liked Stranger Things (popular TV show, check it out if you haven't already). And Prom is kind of coming up... Maybe you can see...
Josh Betanzos and Connor Thomas discuss what listeners can expect in the upcoming season of "The Roundup Podcast." Listen and subscribe on iTunes, or visit us on the web at jesuitroundup.com.
It’s that time of the year again! The sun sets a little earlier, the leaves turn a little browner, and (if you’re in Texas) the weather drops by 10 degrees... But with winter comes one of the most stressful shopping seasons: Christmas Shopping! After capitalizing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you only have a few gifts left to buy,...
12:47, the clock reads. Your eyelids are faltering, exhausted from the hours you’ve spent studying for your math test tomorrow. Even after spending countless minutes going over the difference between the cosine and sine functions, you still manage to get the practice problems wrong, all the while your looming theology homework sits to the side, untouched, meaning that tonight is...
Apple's reign as America's most popular cell phone manufacturer has gone unchallenged for too long! Two years ago, I decided I could no longer live the mainstream life. Two years ago, I made the dramatic leap from the iPhone 5C to the Android S7. As I was incompetent when it came to my new phone, there was definitely a little trauma the...
To you, the reader of The Roundup, I’ve read the ‘farewell addresses’ from past Editors-in-Chief, former leaders of The Roundup that formed this newspaper into what it is today. These were leaders that I admired since they pioneered a fully-digital newspaper at Jesuit, an intrepid foundation that in turn gave me the experience of being Editor-in-Chief. After four amazing...
There's a phenomena at Jesuit every Thursday that few can explain. We went to the students to discover why one item in the cafeteria is more popular than the others.

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