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Wednesday, September 18, 2019



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3 am.  Sweat dripping down his face, a hard-working Junior labors away at another physics problem set.  Eyes dilated, face winced, he looks with existential dread at the unread pages of the Iliad.  Quiz? Test? Essay? Homework?  For many, sacrificing sleep is simply the price one pays for academic success.  Surely there had to be a better way? Meet Will...

Bed Start

Do you waste your Saturday mornings sleeping in until 12 pm? Are you tired of logging into your x2vol account and seeing all the service hours you are missing? Do you need help finding new service activities? Do you enjoy donating and delivering furniture to people in need? Do you have some friends in desperate need of service hours?...
Why do the seniors wear blue polos every Wednesday? Where do they go Wednesday mornings? What do they do? These are questions many students may wonder; The Roundup has the answers. Every Wednesday, the seniors participate in a community service project with several of their peers. The entire class begins their typical Wednesday by meeting in Hughes Hall. They then take...
On October 27th, the Jesuit exchange program began the 2018-2019 Italian exchange program. On this night, 12 Italian students from the Istituto Leone XIII, a coed Jesuit school in Milan, finished their long 13 hour journey with one layover in Dallas. This was not the beginning for the American side who were at Homecoming, so the Italians spent the...
A bead of shimmering sweat slowly creeps down his face.  The bead convenes and coalesces with another of its kind, streaks down his chin and then falls to the ground of the Senior Courtyard. Why would a senior be sweating? SAT? Nope.  Calc test? Nope.  College applications? Eh, maybe.  Big game tonight? Definitely not. Inability to tie a bow tie? Yes! The senior bow...
  As I begin writing this, on the 27th of September, the day of the testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I am sitting at my bedroom after a day of catching snippets of the testimonies and hearing the whole depth and breadth of thoughts and opinions to be held. I...
If you went to the football game last Friday, you might have noticed an interesting face in the student section. What was peculiar was that it was a face without a body, nicknamed the Dion Scion (Dye-on Sigh-on). Created by Senior Rudder Allison, the Dion Sign was a popular addition to the student section, bringing good fun and laughter to...
https://youtu.be/Xh1ZlVQTk5s This is a vlog following the life of a freshman at Jesuit going through a normal school day. Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned to The Roundup for updates on campus life at Jesuit and all things Jesuit Dallas.

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