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As the leaves begin to change color and fall off the trees, the Environmental Club of Jesuit turns over a new leaf as well. This year, there are many new changes such as leadership, plans of action, and community service opportunities.   Two members of the club have taken command as the generals of this fine group, Co-Presidents Chris Steiner ’12...
Study Body President / Vice Presidential Election:  Tuesday, February 15. Candidates: Tim Nguyen '12 and Chris Wallace '12 Scott Weiss '12 and Christian Bartholomew '12 Patrick Chester '12 and Anthony Catalano '12
Election:  Tuesday, March 1, outside Campus Ministry office. Read the candidates' written statements on the Student Council Moodle page. Senior Class Presidential Candidates Michael Holder Zachary Snyder Scott Weiss Kevin Butkus Jordon McRae Alex Wilcox Nick Ackels Mark Diaz-Arrastia
How is your back hand? Do you think you have what it takes to be the first Jesuit ping pong champion? If you think you do then you need to  join the first annual Jesuit Ping Pong Tournament, sponsored by Student Council and the Ping Pong club. The tournament will invite doubles teams to compete in single elimination brackets. The Ping-Pong...
This year, 2011, Jesuit College Preparatory, once again demonstrating its unique commitment to human rights, gained a club dedicated to the rights of displaced persons. With the creation of the American/African Outreach Society, our school also gained distinction, becoming the first Jesuit school with an official chapter of the worldwide Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS). Jesuit Refugee Services is a Jesuit...
Election:  Tuesday, March 1, outside Campus Ministry Department Read the candidates' written statements on the Student Council Moodle page. Junior Class Candidates Basil Seif Dennis Kamara Jeff Ackels Greg Ehlinger
Congratulations on an outstanding year! 13, 336!
As the captains of the Challenge Drive enter into Hughes Hall, the chairman asks a burning question, “How much money do you think the drive raised this year? Over $500,000 raise your hand,” and all the hands go up.  Next, he says, “Over $800,000 raise your hand.”  Now, only a few hands go up, forcing the chairman to announce...

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