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Public speaking plays a huge role in political campaigns at all levels, from local races to national affairs (in the recent Florida Republican primary, two-thirds of voters described candidate debate performances as “very important”). The way a candidate talks reflects, in the eyes of voters, his competency. Charismatic speeches convey a candidate’s coherence and electability, while missteps can make...
With posters hanging in every hallway, the freshmen student council election was on everyone's minds. This first student council election plants the foundation for ongoing student representation, and although it isn't set in stone, the victors generally return to a position of leadership in the following years. Consisting of a strong group of freshmen candidates,this years election included freshman Sam...
Senior Pres--Jimmy Ackels Senior VP--Nicolas Rodriguez Senior Rep--Jimmy Merkel   Junior Pres--Michael Scott Junior VP--Michael Boyson Junior Rep--Michael Pontikes   Soph Pres--Beomhawk Lee Soph VP-- Paul Honrales Soph Rep--Sam Cormier   68% students Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen Voted
With the primary season winding down in the presidential race, Jesuit conducted its last round of student council elections: its Class representatives. Three students from each class were chosen by popular vote with the Presidential seat for his class going to the candidate with the highest amount of votes. 61% of the student body turned out to vote on...
Vote Thursday, March 1, 2012 Click to watch each candidate's video speech.  Sophomores I--Alexander Erturkuner II--Cole Wilson III--Garrett Amy IV--Jimmy Ackels V--Trent McRae  Juniors: I—James Ferrera II—Clayton Caldwell III—Tom Huber IV—Matt Siess V—Hayden Clouse VI—Connor Uber VII—Jacob Przada VIII—Mason Amelotte IX—Jimmy Buckley X—Christopher Matthew Mazzini XI—Patrick Campbell   Seniors: I—Ben Carver II—Cameron Kerl III—Will Wood IV—Tanner Davis V— Jordan Rayfield
22El Presidente. Le président. 总统. Der Präsident.  While he has many names, he has one power above all: to lead Jesuit's student body. The Student Council Primary Election is February 28, which will cut the number of tickets eligible to run for Student Body President and Vice President from seven down to two. Below, the candidates introduce themselves and explain why they are...
Study Body President / Vice Presidential Election:  Tuesday, February 15. Candidates: Tim Nguyen '12 and Chris Wallace '12 Scott Weiss '12 and Christian Bartholomew '12 Patrick Chester '12 and Anthony Catalano '12
2011 Student Body Presidential Primary Election: 349 total votes cast, 1 vote voided 43% of the Student Body voted 48% of the Freshmen voted 35% of Sophomores voted 43% of the Juniors voted Candidates for Student Body President/Vice Number of Votes Received Percentage of Votes Received Patrick Chester / Anthony Catalano 98 28.08% Tim Nguyen / Chris Wallace 158 45.27% Scott Weiss / Christian Bartholomew 93 26.65%

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