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https://youtu.be/Xh1ZlVQTk5s This is a vlog following the life of a freshman at Jesuit going through a normal school day. Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned to The Roundup for updates on campus life at Jesuit and all things Jesuit Dallas.
  https://youtu.be/hSE-TivF7rQ Everywhere you look you see cars honking like there's no tomorrow and pedestrians yelling "I'm walkin' here!" to drivers. The air is filled with a mixture of the smell of hot dogs and cigarette smoke. Buildings tower around you and have tens of giant screens attached to them. You must constantly walk with the crowd, for if you stop,...
Vote Thursday, March 1, 2012 Click to watch each candidate's video speech.  Sophomores I--Alexander Erturkuner II--Cole Wilson III--Garrett Amy IV--Jimmy Ackels V--Trent McRae  Juniors: I—James Ferrera II—Clayton Caldwell III—Tom Huber IV—Matt Siess V—Hayden Clouse VI—Connor Uber VII—Jacob Przada VIII—Mason Amelotte IX—Jimmy Buckley X—Christopher Matthew Mazzini XI—Patrick Campbell   Seniors: I—Ben Carver II—Cameron Kerl III—Will Wood IV—Tanner Davis V— Jordan Rayfield
The Roundup Podcast Ep. 4 - Stuco on Hoco On this episode: We go behind the scenes of homecoming and Ranger Day with Student Council President Lindsay Brown '18 and Vice President Reid Hatzmann '18. They speak about planning the homecoming dance and how it went (and about cleaning up trash...for a very long time). They also talk about Ranger Day...
Ask any of the juniors who are in a physics class about what they have done in the past few weeks and they will probably respond with something about creating a film that illustrates Newton’s “Three Laws of Motion.” Within the short film, students were required to provide explanations and examples of at least two of Newton’s laws. According...

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