Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Authors Articles by Jacob Reed '22

Jacob Reed '22

Article assisted by Blake Woodard '22, Associate Editor Does a dead language really benefit anyone in the 21st century? Ask any of Jesuit’s Latin students, and you will hear a resounding, “yes!” “How?” you might ask. The truth is, “Latin lives.”  “E Pluribus Unum” can be found on your dollar bills, and it means “Out of Many, One.” In Theology, we...
Apparently, during this time of staying at home, a lot of people have been making baked goods, especially bread. Look on any neighborhood website and you’ll see loads of cookies and homemade bread for sale. My family decided that we would attempt some bread-making, too. We settled on homemade sourdough. The Process The trick to making this bread is concocting something...
My whole life I’ve heard that, in bad times, you should always look for the silver lining. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused bad times. We can’t attend school in person, major milestones in our lives have been canceled, and people can’t go to work outside of their homes. The people who do have to go to work outside...

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