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Saad Zulqarnain '22

Saad Zulqarnain '22
It's the beginning of 4th-period lunch and many hungry students wait to be given permission to get food. Before the students, however, the faculty is allowed to fill their plates. The food served to them is a product of what we all know as SAGE Dining Services. The faculty of Jesuit has been eating from SAGE for a whole...
The 4th-period bell rings and the tables in the cafeteria are instantly filled with students chatting away, joking, and laughing. Soon, they are signaled that they may get food. In a flash, each and every station is packed with hungry students and teachers. The food served at these stations is the product of the dining service we all know...
  https://youtu.be/hSE-TivF7rQ Everywhere you look you see cars honking like there's no tomorrow and pedestrians yelling "I'm walkin' here!" to drivers. The air is filled with a mixture of the smell of hot dogs and cigarette smoke. Buildings tower around you and have tens of giant screens attached to them. You must constantly walk with the crowd, for if you stop,...
The scoreboard shows that the opponent is winning, and the pressure is on. It pushes the player to his limits, and in a heartbeat, he has the puck again. He takes this moment to his advantage and dangles past the other team’s offense, pushing the puck forward with him, and BOOM! The number on the scoreboard for his team...
https://youtu.be/Xh1ZlVQTk5s This is a vlog following the life of a freshman at Jesuit going through a normal school day. Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned to The Roundup for updates on campus life at Jesuit and all things Jesuit Dallas.

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