Sunday, October 25, 2020

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Authors Articles by Nick Evanich '22, Media Correspondent

Nick Evanich '22, Media Correspondent

Nick Evanich '22, Media Correspondent
I do the comics. I’m also an editor of the Jesuit Journal, an ambassador, and part of the bowling team.
Every year the underclassmen of America gather together to share in one of the most widespread inside jokes: PSAT memes. Though the college board is most certainly able to very effectively prohibit the spread of test materials, some rebellious teens create images that confuse and confound all but their peers. Sadly, my signature on previous years' test forbids me from...
As I was looking for inspiration to draw, I drew random little lines in photoshop to see where it would take me. The first few strokes started to resemble a keyboard, so I went from there. Then this image popped into my head of the sonic waves forming into something physical. It snowballed from there until my eyes were graced...
This comic is a simplified representation of how we've been able to connect with our fellow students in these curious times. The top left panel depicts two students sitting on one of the benches, a sign in the middle separating them. In the bottom left, students attend an online class with very degrees of video quality. In the bottom...

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