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Francis Ko '21

Francis Ko '21
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On Saturday, Jan. 13, the crowd cheered as Jesuit Soccer masterfully defeated Nolan Catholic at Postell Stadium, bringing an end to the 37th annual Meintser Invitational Soccer Tournament. The Meintser, which usually serves as an early match in the Ranger's exciting season, took place January 11th-13th. Jesuit finished the tournament in 7th place with a final 1 -1 -1 record...
The entire Jesuit swim team was hard at work competing during the early month of October. Nearly every morning at 6:00 AM, the team ate breakfast together and practiced with tremendous dedication and effort in order to prepare for their competitive meets, all while trying to maintain their good grades. Head Coach Doug Moyse even commented that “the guys...
Jesuit College Preparatory is definitely a great school. With almost 20 sports, over 100,000 community service hours recorded each year, recognition by the Texas Educational Agency, SAT scores that significantly exceed the national average, and much more, there is no doubt in Jesuit's distinction and quality. However, Jesuit still faces a problem that it has probably been facing since its foundation...
The smiling dealer looks with interest at the two remaining students clutching their cards tightly as he mechanically shuffles the rest of the deck. The first student throws down his two pairs, eights and twos, with confidence. All eyes now turn towards the second student, who looks at his cards one more time before revealing his four fives with...

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