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JJ Tellez '20


Bed Start

Do you waste your Saturday mornings sleeping in until 12 pm? Are you tired of logging into your x2vol account and seeing all the service hours you are missing? Do you need help finding new service activities? Do you enjoy donating and delivering furniture to people in need? Do you have some friends in desperate need of service hours?...
Gabe Morales '20 aggressively walks up to the platform, ready to unleash his power upon the bar. Placing his shoelaces directly below the metallic bar, he reaches down, grasps the bar with both hands, sets his back straight, takes a few breaths, and rapidly applies a massive upward force to lift the bar. The bar skyrockets up, as if...
"Strength is the most general physical adaptation. We get stronger through the process of stress, recovery, and adaptation." -- Coach Lacey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgvOKp_OwrI Stress, recovery, and adaptation: three words Coach Lacey would repeat over and over at the end of practice to remind powerlifters that strength is gained through the process of applying stress to our muscles while working and our recovery....

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