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Authors Articles by David Ritter '20, Associate Editor

David Ritter '20, Associate Editor

David Ritter '20, Associate Editor
You quickly write down the opponent's points down on paper, getting ready to stand up and respectfully correct two of their speeches and support your own within 8 minutes. You spent weeks preparing for this moment. You grab your papers, stand up and say “Roadmap will be solvency, advantage, disad, a counter plan. Is anybody not ready?” Recently, the Jesuit debate...
Jesuit participates in numerous international programs, but one of the most interesting of these programs--mostly because it takes place right in our own hallways--is the exchange student program. The Peruvian exchange student program, run by Mrs. Maggard, recently invited ten students from a Jesuit school in Peru to attend Dallas Jesuit and live with a host family. It reached across...
While the freshman class adjusts to Jesuit, they reflect on the beginning to of their high school experience and what it means to be a “man for others” through meditation, a reading of the life of Saint Ignatius, discussion, and sports. The freshman retreat is an event hosted by Jesuit to acquaint class members with each other and to...
Every new school year brings change: new students, new classes, and new teachers. This year is no different as theater students may note a particular change when they go to the theater commons and notice a new room and its bright green walls. Recently, Jesuit’s theater department has gained a new green screen room as part of the school's ongoing...

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