Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Mark Costa '20

Mark Costa '20
On October 27th, the Jesuit exchange program began the 2018-2019 Italian exchange program. On this night, 12 Italian students from the Istituto Leone XIII, a coed Jesuit school in Milan, finished their long 13 hour journey with one layover in Dallas. This was not the beginning for the American side who were at Homecoming, so the Italians spent the...
The bright-eyed junior opens the doors to the newly renovated Jesuit cafeteria. The energy of the room astounds him. Hundreds of students buzz around the dozens of college booths occupying the reinvigorated space. It's clear to see, the 2018 Jesuit-Hosted College Night has begun.   What is College Night at Jesuit? On Tuesday, September 11, Jesuit hosted over 200 colleges at their...
“All in favor say ‘Aye!’” screams TSJCL President Hunter. “Ayyeee!” roars the crowd. “All opposed say ‘nay!’” says the President. “Nayyyyy!” answers the same crowd. “Meeting... Adjourned.” As hundreds of Texas students rush out of the gym, it is safe to say the annual JCL state competition had begun. This two-day event included competitions that range in difficulty from Latin...

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