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Raul Lahud '19

Raul Lahud '19
Happy Dia de Los Muertos Y’all About 11 years ago, I walked with my grandfather through the Mercado (Mexican farmer’s market) trying to find a cucumber and an eggplant. That’s right, a cucumber and an eggplant. Let me explain this, my grandfather was a Japanese Buddhist and participated in Obon (お盆), essentially a Japanese “día de Los Muertos.” In this...
Elections in Mexico 2.0: Is  AMLO a Communist or an Ally? Since the past presidential elections, the Mexican population has been part of a candid debate: Is AMLO too radical? How are his proposals going to affect the country? Is AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) going to send Mexico into an economic depression? And more important, Is AMLO a commie? Mexico...
If you are reading this article you may have been called “gringo” before. Even people who are born in Mexico are called “gringo” at times. Have you ever wondered what it means and where it comes from? In this article I’m going to tackle what gringo means, its story, and how to prevent getting this contagious disease. Where does it...
A Brief Introduction to Presidential Elections in Mexico Elections in Mexico take place every 6 years without the possibility of reelection. With more than 8 political parties that always fight for power and control, at times of election most of them find a way to exist and create alliances that in this year, were one of the most confusing parts...

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