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Gabriel Farrell '19

Gabriel Farrell '19
Cusco, Peru Snow-capped peaks of the sacred valley pierce a strikingly blue sky. Jolting along in two weathered, foreign pickups, thirteen American passengers restlessly fidget, smothered in colorful plastic bags of donations for the young children of the village of Sullomayo. Their slight physical discomfort, nearly sacrilegious in the presence of such shockingly beautiful mountain terrain, shrinks as the rising...
In the seldom-visited bottom floor of the Terry Center, home to the thudding mats of the wrestling room and symphonic music of the band, a workshop bustling with whirring machines and spare parts comes to life after school. This is the Jesuit robotics lab, where the Rangers' extensive robotics program develops engineering, science, and technology skills in students through...
Social media has greatly increased the capacity for mass communication of news, ideas, and data. However, these social networks allow users to censor the information with which they come into contact. This often one-sided communication has resulted in the emerging of an incredibly hostile political climate that allows users to subconsciously, or even consciously, edit, out of their news stream, information...
Dozens of shivering, bare skinned bodies throng the scales, organized in lines by weight, from 106 to 285 pounds. Palpable tension covers the room like a blanket, as potential opponents size each other up with fleeting glances over the low murmur of the room. In two hours, these high school athletes will compete in a contest of physical strength...

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