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Joseph Buskmiller '19

Joseph Buskmiller '19
This is a conversation between me and a machine learning programmer. I find machine learning fascinating, because for the longest time, humans have been the most clever creatures on the planet. It seems we've finally found a suitable partner in computers when it comes to numerical calculations, and machine learning can help humans answer questions they could spend lifetimes...
The majority of 3D software out today, from Disney’s modeling tools (Maya) to any popular game engine (Unreal/Unity/Crysis) or engineering CAD (SolidWorks, AutoCAD) use programming libraries that define low-level tasks to simplify and hasten the development workflow. Almost all 3D software can be expected to do low-level tasks such as draw a 3D model in 2S space, texture an oblique...
Previously, I showcased my working versions of my two characters to see if anyone was interested in the modeling/rigging/skinning workflow, and I saw enough interest to justify another article. I intentionally left out sculpting, complex character design, and animation, which I will cover here. (I will still be exclusively using free, open source, or student licensed software. The staples are...
I have spent a lot of time recently on designing and realizing two characters for my amateur portfolio. As a bonus, just to prove that anyone can do it, I only used software that is either open source or free to students, so if you are interested in 3d design and want to make something you can be proud...

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