Friday, August 7, 2020

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Authors Articles by Teddy Wagner ‘18

Teddy Wagner ‘18

Teddy Wagner ‘18
Facing six formidable opponents in three days, the Rangers were prepared to be tested both physically and mentally. Forney - Game 1 (3/1) As Jesuit Baseball prepared for their first game of March, freshman pitcher Gavin Perryman got the nod from Coach Gavin. As the catcher placed the signal between his legs, Perryman intricately placed his fingers around the laces of...
After an undefeated showing at the Jesuit Invitational, the red-hot Ranger Lacrosse team felt confident kicking off the season and home opener against Allen High School, a team which Jesuit hasn't lost to in recent history. Allen The Eagles quickly made it clear that this game would not be easily won. They scored four straight goals to start the first quarter....

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