Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Authors Articles by Benito Otiniano '18

Benito Otiniano '18

Benito Otiniano '18
A solidarity to help others is an ideal found in the Jesuit profile. Every single student embodies this profile, and this can be seen through the noble actions the school takes part of. For example, this past March, both Jesuit College Prep and Ursuline Academy participated in the ‘Support Our Troops Drive’. Primarily led by Ursuline Academy, the Support our...
Blinding fluorescent lights reflect off the the dry pupils of the chess novice, as a loud cacophony of a ringing shakes the table. Blinking, the young jesuit boy’s mouth creases upward as he realizes he won. Chess, considered a game for kings, came to Jesuit Dallas. The Chess tournament, which took place February 3, seeked out to find who would...

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