Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Matt Androvett '18

Matt Androvett '18
Torn clothing, lasers, and a floating stage stun the audience, as they listen intently to Kanye perform. The atmosphere indescribable, the fans soak up the entire experience as best they can, awestruck at the presence of rap royalty. Kante West brought his Saint Pablo tour to Dallas this September, welcomed by thousands of cheering fans at the American Airlines Center. In...
Can't decide which series to watch next? Before spending precious time searching for your next show to binge on, take a look at these great Netflix series. For the purpose of this article, I am leaving TV greats like The Office, Bones, Breaking Bad, etc. off the list The Flash This superhero show tells the story of The Flash. If you're a...
Kyle Muller '16 calmly struts up to the plate, confident that he can nail any pitch out of the park. The opposing pitcher anxiously sweats, knowing that Muller is one of the most dangerous high school baseball players in the state. He throws his best pitch as fast as he can, but it doesn't matter; Muller nails it out...

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