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Ben DeBauge '16

Ben DeBauge '16
Someone recently asked me, “Where is that sophomore on the fencing team?  I haven’t seen him this year.  Does he still go here?”  I said, “He still goes here, and is on the team, but right now he is out of town, at a tournament.”  They continued, “I was just wondering; he was in the yearbook.”  “Is he any...
Bullets whiz past the heads of soldiers crouched in their bunkers, bombs exploding, men screaming.  Planes roar overhead and suspense builds as the men on the ground wait to find out if those planes are friendly or not.  Bullets rain down from the sky, peppering the enemy.  The victors celebrate, but only momentarily; the celebration stops when they see...
Fun fact: you can be a justice of the U.S Supreme Court, so can anyone else on the planet, a dog, or even a rock.  This is obviously a comical interpretation of the Constitution; a dog will never become a Supreme Court justice.  The reason that all of the justices have been humans with some legal training is because...
A sharp “BEEEEEP” puts an end to a blur of blades.  Two men lower their weapons, eyeing each other, knowing that the match comes down to this point.  They start again, feet moving, swords crossing, as they try to defend against the blades whipping towards them at over one hundred miles per hour.  They continue their battle, attacking, parrying,...

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