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Andrew Pott ’14

Andrew Pott ’14
Smiling children bustle cheerfully throughout a bright, happy kindergarten classroom, laughing, making new friends, and playing with toys. One child sits by himself, staring at the ground, repetitively moving a truck back and forth. Efforts from the other children to interact with this lonesome child are spurned and rejected. Most people have interacted with a person like this, an individual...
For the 15th time since 1998, the NCAA college bowl season is set to start in three short weeks. The 2012 Bowl Season hopes to continue one of the most memorable seasons in recent memory: the re-emergence of Notre Dame as a national power, the electric Johnny Manziel leading Texas A&M to a #9 ranked season when they were...
  This past Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, Jesuit juniors embarked on the time-honored tradition of going on the Junior Retreat, an event which many consider to be the highlight of their junior year.   The day contained several bonding exercises and other activities- led by members of PALS- that focus on their future leadership roles as seniors at Jesuit.   In one such activity,...
Congratulations to Brendan O'Brien, Jefferson Award finalist, and Ben Warren, Presidential Award finalist, for being nominated for these two prestigious awards! The Jefferson Award recognizes Brendan O'Brien '12 for being in the top 5 percent of the country, having a high SAT score, and presenting a large amount of leadership. To receive this honor, a student must write essays, answer...

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