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Myles Johnson ‘13

Myles Johnson ‘13
Introduced into the Congressional record in 1945 amidst the pinnacle of the second Red Scare, “The Forty-Five Goals of Communism” was intended to subvert America on a cultural level with a communist agenda. Of course, this never came close to happening, but some of the tenets concerning art and music still remain, even though they never resulted in the...
Last year, I was watching one of my favorite television shows, Showtime’s Shameless, when I ran into a song at the end of an episode that was relatively catchy. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the song since most of the show’s indie rock music is a bit too obscure for me. I discovered the band’s name, Spoon, and...
Sometime a couple years ago, an adolescent boy decided to create music in addition to fulfilling his academic obligations. Painstakingly saving his money, he purchased a turntable, a balanced pair of headphones, and also pirated audio software. Initially, the boy didn’t give the poorly edited cacophony of sounds much credit. He just looked to his creations as something entirely independent,...
December 12 was a day of dual blessing for St. Rita and Jesuit. St. Rita celebrated their annual mass celebrating the Feast of the Lady of Guadalupe and enthusiastic Jesuit Spanish students came to attend. Led by Mr. Quang Tran, S.J., and Mr. Robert Murphy, S.J., Jesuit students learned more about the feast, discovered an interesting cultural tradition, and attended...

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