Courtesy of Tanya Busch - Chaperone for Christian Youth Band of Austin
The All-State Band at the Eisemann. Courtesy of Tanya Busch - Chaperone for Christian Youth Band of Austin

The sound of silence encompasses the room as the conductor stands up on the podium to begin the glorious music.

Recently the Jesuit Ursuline Ranger Band performed at Bishop Lynch on April 6th to receive professional adjudication. Before that, the band participated in community service. They provided help to Network, an organization that helps provide assistance to families by coaching and empowering others.

When asked about his experience, Kevin Utz ‘21 said, “The experience was amazing and I was glad I took part in it.” After helping out the community, they went on their way to the concert.

At Bishop Lynch, the band performed Melodious Thunk, Movement 2 and 3 of Folk Song Suite, and Radetzky March. While these were challenging songs, the band worked hard and powered through it.

After their performance, Michael Miramontes ‘18 said, “The band performed surprisingly well considering how often we had full practices. Our sound came together in the end.”

Sam Eppich ‘18 said, “We put a lot of work into the music we performed, and that was evident in our performance.”

The judges certainly thought so as the band received Superior ratings which is really good. With the band’s morale at a high the band went on their way to Tanglewood Resort and Lodge at Lake Texoma.

The trip to Lake Texoma was relaxing and great. While it wasn’t as amazing as the Disney Trip from last year, this certainly was a good trip for all. With many activities ranging from Extreme Sandbox and Horseback Riding to Golf Course and Tennis Courts. Many had great experiences at the trip.

Miramontes said, “My favorite part was definitely just having a good time with some of my closest friends, didn’t matter what we were doing, it was just a fun time.”

With so many activities, there was always something to do no matter what. There was even a Mario Kart Tournament that appeared during the trip and it got really heated. After staying there for a night and the following day, the band returned home and relaxed for the rest of the weekend.

While the band did get Superior ratings, there were many things that we could work on.

Eppich commented, “We need to work on our new music and refining our new music.”

Mr. Crownover said, “We’ll continue working on a better balance of the sections and styles and the new movie songs that are being added.” With the arrival of new music, the band’s energy is rising which is good for the final concert the band is having.

Although band season is ending with the school year coming up, the band is still excited and happy about all the music they will be able to play together.