Monday, September 21, 2020

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About the Roundup

Our staff is always willing to discuss The Roundup’s coverage of the Jesuit community.

Story ideas predominantly are generated by The Roundup editors, staff reporters, and moderators. Tips and story suggestions are always welcome from members of the Jesuit community who may use this form to suggest a story idea.

Groups should pass along pertinent information to The Roundup Staff at least one week before a planned event, but we invite our readers to voice their thoughts on the scope and type of The Roundup’s coverage by contacting any of the editors, staff reporters, or moderators directly.

About Jesuit Dallas

Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas offers young men an excellent, Catholic education in the classical Jesuit tradition with the purpose of forming a community of men with high moral principles and service to others.

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2019 First Class Rating

“It is great that you allow all students to submit opinion columns and allow all student voices to be expressed…The site is clean and well designed…It is responsive and quick to load…Superb work of video highlights…The world needs good truth seeking storytellers and The Roundup staff should be very proud of what you have built or are a part of producing…Keep up the great work!”

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2017-2018 First Class Rating

“Kudos, Roundup staff on your news site! You’ve put together an outstanding publication…You are doing such outstanding work reaching out to your readership and including them. You are an advocate for your school community and really serve as a leader. Advocate change where you see it needs to happen and commend others in your school and community for the good they do.”

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2016 First Class Rating

“…an absolutely outstanding publication. I commemorate your efforts at establishing and maintaining such a professional, well-developed and updated website. You should be very proud of your work on this!”

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DMN Journalism Contest

2019 Best Website – Finalist

“The Roundup has a very user-friendly design for desktop and mobile. Their navigation is easy to follow and very well organized. They have a good variety of stories and keep a good flow of volume. Judges appreciated their approach to story packages for digital readers by including multimedia throughout stories.” >

2017 Best Website – Silver Finalist
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2018 Best Website – Silver Finalist
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2017 Best Website – Silver Finalist
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2016 Best Series – Finalist
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2015 Best Review – Winner
2015 Best News Reporting – Finalist
2015 Best Website – Silver Finalist
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2014 Best Video – Winner
2014 Best Editorial – Finalist
2014 Best Website – Finalist
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2013 Photographer of the Year – Jack White ’13
  • Best News Photo – Winner
  • Best Sports Photo – Winner
  • Best Photo Portfolio – Winner
  • Photography Sweepstakes – Winner
2013 Most Valuable Staffer – Honorable Mention
2013 Best Website – Honorable Mention
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After Jesuit

University of Notre Dame
University of Virginia
Georgetown University
Texas A&M University
Trinity Christian University
Saint Louis University
University of Notre Dame 
University of Texas Honors Program
Trinity University
University of Notre Dame
Loyola University Chicago
University of Notre Dame
Georgetown University
Harvard University
University of Texas