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Breakfast Cleanup

As the second semester begins, we return back to a new Jesuit: new schedules, new classes... and new rules? This semester, a homeroom will now have to clean the cafeteria after breakfast. So, is this a rule to appreciate or disdain? The Good The student-operated cleaning crew can be seen as an...


UEFA Champions League: Everything You Need to Know

Fresh cut grass, screaming supporters, and the biggest names in football (or soccer); finally, after nearly two long months off, the Champions League is back, and with it comes this new series in which I’ll preview the biggest upcoming games, give my predictions, and highlight the most important storylines...

Should Penalties be Allowed to be Reviewed?

Drew Brees, dropping back into the pocket, looked for an open receiver to pass the ball on a 3rd & 10 play. The game was on the line with only 1:49 ticking away on the game clock. Brees, appearing to find a receiver downfield, hurls the pigskin in a...

Intramurals In Full Effect at JCP

What Exactly are Intramurals at Jesuit? You have probably heard of intramurals throughout your time at Jesuit thus far, but you have never really took the time to see what it has to offer. Intramurals is a variety of different sports played solely for the fun of it. There is...


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2020 Elections (part I): The Democrats

Democratic Presidential Candidates The midterms are over, a new Congress has been elected with a Democratic majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate and all this happened close to the Kavanaugh confirmations which left a conservative majority in the Supreme Court. This leaves two-thirds of the...

The Migrant Caravan: A Lesson in Empathy

At the beginning of this story, you have a choice. It is a choice that should be simple, but due to partisan machinations, has become near impossible to resolve. This choice has to deal with what the media has dubbed the “migrant caravan.” Your choice is how you react...

What’s For Lunch?

"Bro, I'm hungry, where do you wanna eat?" "I don't know, it's tough to decide. What options do we have around here?" Every Jesuit high school student has engaged in a conversation similar to this one on a typical Friday after school. Selecting a quality spot to enjoy an after school...

Community Profiles

The Father of Aerobics – My Interview with Dr. Ken Cooper

Have you ever discovered an idea that you believed in “heart and soul” to be right and worthy, but your peers rejected your beliefs and perhaps even ridiculed you? Still you managed to endure the naysayers and hold fast to your conviction -- until gradually, over time, you were...

Mrs. Bruce’s Career in Digital Commerce

For many of the Jesuit students interested in computer science, a career in the industry is a very real possibility. Unfortunately, due to the complex and often confidential nature of these jobs, much of our understanding of them is skewed. Some of the most critical areas in computer science...

Epic Rap Battle: DKam vs. LOTB

DISCLAIMER: THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY INVOLVED IN THIS RAP BATTLE COMPETED FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. NOTHING SAID WAS OF SERIOUS VERBAL ABUSE      Hyped students flood into the theater, buzzing about a "rap battle" they heard about throughout the hallways during the week. "Who's DKam and who's LOTB?" the...


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