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NSPA First Class Rating with One Mark of Distinction

Kudos, Roundup staff on your news site! You've put together an outstanding publication…You are doing such outstanding work reaching out to your readership and including them. You are an advocate for your school community and really serve as a leader. Advocate change where you see it needs to happen and commend others in your school and community for the good they do.

A Year of WHAP Blogs

The bell rings, and another one of Mr. Profitt's World History AP (WHAP) classes begins. Some students take out their notebooks, apathetically scribbling down words and broad ideas. However, some students in the back corner seem to be paying more attention than others. Taking detailed notes, the students furiously...


Track and Field Finishes Season on an Upward Bound

It's the state meet. All of your hard work and dedication all come to fruition at this moment. Collin Lark, a pole vaulter, is competing against the best vaulters in all of Texas. Trying to remain in contention, Lark attempts to surpass his personal best at 16'6". With two...

All Hail The College Board

(Disclaimer: This is satire) After nine months of arduous labor, that special week once again approaches us. Finals week. The word final comes the Latin “fin,” which means the end or the border, and the Greek “al,” which means through great pain and suffering. Students have spent the entire school year...

Jesuit Participates in Earth Day

“In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” -Henry David Thoreau Earth Day, the day used to demonstrate support of environmentalism, this year Jesuit's Engineering Society, Fair Trade Club, and AP Environmental Science class banded together to bring our school's own exhibit at the 2019 Earth Day convention. The convention was...


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Catholic Social Teaching in American Politics, Part Two

  The second theme of Catholic Social Teaching is Call to Family, Community, and Participation.  Catholic Social Teaching teaches us that the institutions of the family and the community are vital to the health of society and the dignity of humans. The Church teaches that people have the right to...

Catholic Social Teaching in American Politics, Part One

The Catholic Social Teaching is an integral part of the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Encompassing issues of life, family, the environment, poverty, and human rights, the Church’s teachings, known as the seven themes of Catholic social teaching, are intrinsically political, and these teachings endorse a variety of political...


Legacy Hall: A Matthew’s Meals Review

Some don't believe me when I tell them that I have had the pleasure of enjoying a meal of chicken and waffles, topped with a fried egg, and experiencing the fluffy flavor punch that came with a stuffed French crepe along with tasting the intoxicating bliss that Korean Brisket...


Community Profiles

Sudoku for Dummies – The Finale

Congrats to Mr. Batik for being the only one to email any solutions over the past two weeks! 4.1 4.2 4.3 No one else sent anything. Rather disappointing. I tried to get people to do 4.4 and one guy told me "it was literally impossible." Maybe I made it too hard I guess... I'm not...

Lights, Camera, Auction!

“Teach us to give and not to count the cost.” — St. Ignatius of Loyola   Aptly displayed on the Jesuit Auction homepage, this revealing excerpt from Ignatius’ prayer demonstrates the larger goal for the annual Jesuit Auction: generosity. Jesuit Dallas strives to make admission available to all qualified applicants, regardless of...

A ‘Thank You’ to the Faculty and Staff

In the heat of finals and convocations, we often focus on the students’ experiences. The deadlines. The pressure. The rewards. But we tend to forget about the people who make it all possible, the faculty and staff. On May 18, Jesuit hosted its Faculty and Staff Appreciation Banquet. Along with...


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