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New Doctors in the Building

12:16, Monday afternoon. The sixth-period bell rings, and junior Thomas Cluck races down the breezeway, hustling to secure a spot toward the front of the cafeteria line. As he sprints past the senior courtyard, he ignores his surrounds and hones his focus on the prize of warm chicken and...


Epic Games Spyware Controversy

On March 13, 2019, redditor u/notte_m_portent made a post about how Epic had been accessing data from other apps without any permission through the Epic Games Store. Specifically, the user noted that Epic had been reading through his digital friendlist from Steam. Within a day, two Epic developers responded to...

Every NFC Team’s Biggest Need This Offseason

After some crazy offseason news, many teams in the NFC will turn to the draft to re-stack their teams. Now that I’ve gone over every big need each AFC team needs to address this offseason, we’ve got a whole new batch of teams to cover. Let’s get right into...

Medical Society Clinical Rotations

Interested in becoming a doctor or learning more about medicine? As Jesuit Medical Society starts off a brand new 2019 year, one of the many exciting opportunities for juniors such as Marco Orendain '20, Jack Corrales '20, and Will Nickols '20 is clinical rotations. Once every two weeks on Wednesday,...

What’s Going on in Venezuela?

Murder rates are at an all-time, worldwide high. The average citizen has lost more than 20 pounds in the last two years. Diseases spread quickly as food and medicine are in severe shortage. One in five people are out of work, and makeshift slums crowd the streets. The government...


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Reviewing Trump’s 2019 SOTU Speech

On February 5, 2019, President Donald J. Trump gave his second State of the Union speech. His speech was delivered not long after he and Congress came to a deal to end the government shutdown, which caused the event to be postponed from its earlier date. The President also...

2020 Elections (part I): The Democrats

Democratic Presidential Candidates The midterms are over, a new Congress has been elected with a Democratic majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate and all this happened close to the Kavanaugh confirmations which left a conservative majority in the Supreme Court. This leaves two-thirds of the...

The Roundup’s Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants

Are you ever hungry but too lazy to actually cook anything tasty? Well now, do I have some delicious food choices for you. After football games, soccer games, or basically after any Jesuit event, there are many enticingly greasy options around the Dallas area you and your friends can...

Community Profiles

Unlocking Academic Success with Will Nickols

3 am.  Sweat dripping down his face, a hard-working Junior labors away at another physics problem set.  Eyes dilated, face winced, he looks with existential dread at the unread pages of the Iliad.  Quiz? Test? Essay? Homework?  For many, sacrificing sleep is simply the price one pays for academic...

Meet “The Eraser Lady,” Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ms. Carter

"Can I have some taffy? Oh, BET! Colors!" Two juniors stroll into Ms. Carter's 2nd story office, excited to find a basket of taffy open for the taking. As the interview continues, more and more students file into the room, each saying hey, pulling in a chair, and beginning to chat....

Building a Little Library with Sam Henrion

"To give and not to count the cost" comes straight from St. Ignatius of Loyola's Prayer for Generosity. Jesuit strives to cultivate this desire of service without reward within each of its students. One student who has answered this call to service is Sam Henrion '21, the Jesuit sophomore who built...


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