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2020 Elections (part I): The Democrats

Democratic Presidential Candidates The midterms are over, a new Congress has been elected with a Democratic majority in the House and a Republican majority in the Senate and all this happened close to the Kavanaugh confirmations which left a conservative majority in the Supreme Court. This leaves two-thirds of the...


Cowboys Stun Seahawks in 24-22 Playoff Win and Advance to L.A.

Leading up to this Saturday, everyone knew the wildcard match up between Seattle and Dallas would be close. Vegas odds were at 2.5, predictions were pretty much even on both sides, and both teams even had the same 10-6 record in the regular season. With two evenly balanced teams like...

Italy Exchange 2018: First Stop America!

On October 27th, the Jesuit exchange program began the 2018-2019 Italian exchange program. On this night, 12 Italian students from the Istituto Leone XIII, a coed Jesuit school in Milan, finished their long 13 hour journey with one layover in Dallas. This was not the beginning for the American...

Jesuit Bowling Licks L.D. Bell with 11-4 Victory

Traditionally in bowling, coaches position their lineups for the individual matches with the lowest average on the team first, then the highest average last, in the fifth spot. When making these lineups, the home team gets to make their lineup after seeing the already locked in visitor's lineup, so...


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The Migrant Caravan: A Lesson in Empathy

At the beginning of this story, you have a choice. It is a choice that should be simple, but due to partisan machinations, has become near impossible to resolve. This choice has to deal with what the media has dubbed the “migrant caravan.” Your choice is how you react...

Russia, Ukraine, and the Black Sea

Russia If you look at a map of Europe you will probably see a monstrous country that looks like it would cast a shadow on every city West of it. This is Russia.  Russia is the largest country in the world and one of the most influential in history, and...

Bohemian Rhapsody: Positives Outweigh Negatives, But Not By Much

The film Bohemian Rhapsody tells the life story of English rock band, Queen. Led by singer Freddie Mercury, the band was a hit-maker in the 70s and 80s rock scene, and continues to be a favorite band for many, young and old. With 23 million views on the movie's...

Community Profiles

Mrs. Bruce’s Career in Digital Commerce

For many of the Jesuit students interested in computer science, a career in the industry is a very real possibility. Unfortunately, due to the complex and often confidential nature of these jobs, much of our understanding of them is skewed. Some of the most critical areas in computer science...

Epic Rap Battle: DKam vs. LOTB

DISCLAIMER: THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY INVOLVED IN THIS RAP BATTLE COMPETED FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. NOTHING SAID WAS OF SERIOUS VERBAL ABUSE      Hyped students flood into the theater, buzzing about a "rap battle" they heard about throughout the hallways during the week. "Who's DKam and who's LOTB?" the...

Father Postell Returns to Jesuit

“I think Jesus would be at home in the school if he would return. I used to hear a lot of things about building community and I still think that's a priority.” Returning from his sojourn at Brophy College Preparatory School, an all-boys Jesuit high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Father Phil...


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