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20 Years Later: How Close Were The Truman Show’s...

When I first went to find images to include in this article, I simply typed in "The Truman Show." The search results began loading in and one thing immediately caught my eye. Beneath the movie's title, the search engine had categorized the 1998 film as a Drama/Fantasy. Twenty years...


Dez’s Revival as a Saint

On Thursday, the 8th of November, the free agent Dez Bryant signed a one-year, 1.5 million dollar contract with the New Orleans Saints. Since the season is already underway, he will only get $600,000 guaranteed but will have up to $500,000 in receiving incentives, totaling a possible 1.1 million....

Tennis vs. Allen, Plano, McKinney

During the tennis season, Jesuit Dallas had an interesting season with some good games against their many opponents. Today, we shall go over three of their fine matches between the Allen Eagles, Plano East Panthers, and the McKinney Lions.   Plano East Their third game against Plano East was a win...

Jesuit Bowling Nullifies Nimitz in 14-1 Rout

There are no "off days" with the Jesuit bowling team. Every Monday and Wednesday during the school year, they're always on the lanes after school putting in countless hours of work to hone their craft. Then every Tuesday, you can always find the team lifting in the weight room,...

Happy Dia de Los Muertos!

Happy Dia de Los Muertos Y’all About 11 years ago, I walked with my grandfather through the Mercado (Mexican farmer’s market) trying to find a cucumber and an eggplant. That’s right, a cucumber and an eggplant. Let me explain this, my grandfather was a Japanese Buddhist and participated in Obon...


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Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

Ted Cruz: Your Senator, A Murderer!? It’s an early morning, snow blanketing the ground outside of the Calgary hospital. A seemingly innocent child is brought into this world, but could this child be the infamous murderer who terrorized Northern California in the late 60s and early 70s? Let’s decide. The Facts Ted...

Arizona Senate Race

One of the closest races in the Senate this year in Arizona, where Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, and Republican Martha McSally are running to replace the seat of Jeff Flake.  Mr. Flake has felt much of the ire of the Republican base, as he has uttered the phrase “country over...

Roundup Reviews: The Nun

Warning: Spoilers Ahead For those of you who have already seen The Nun, I'm sorry. For everyone else, this article should help you with your decision. Plot - Possessed Romanian Nun As a prequel to The Conjuring, The Nun opens with the final scene from the original movie, with a painting of a demonic looking...

Community Profiles

AP Grader: Mr. Dondis

Many of us take AP tests in the Spring, but what we all worry about is studying for the test, and eventually taking it. However, we often ignore or take for granted what happens after we take the daunting test. Well, luckily, we have our very own AP grader...

Hip Hop Hooligans

What is the purpose of this club? You are probably wondering: What exactly is the Hip-Hop Appreciation Club? The club, led by Ermias Belay ‘20, offers all students interested to share their unique viewpoints on certain aspects of songs related to the Hip-Hop genre. The awesome part about it is...

The One, The Only, Dion Sign

If you went to the football game last Friday, you might have noticed an interesting face in the student section. What was peculiar was that it was a face without a body, nicknamed the Dion Scion (Dye-on Sigh-on). Created by Senior Rudder Allison, the Dion Sign was a popular addition...


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