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Epic Rap Battle: DKam vs. LOTB

DISCLAIMER: THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY INVOLVED IN THIS RAP BATTLE COMPETED FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. NOTHING SAID WAS OF SERIOUS VERBAL ABUSE      Hyped students flood into the theater, buzzing about a "rap battle" they heard about throughout the hallways during the week. "Who's DKam and who's LOTB?" the...


Jesuit Bowling Finesses Flower Mound Marcus in 8-7 Victory

"You learn more from a bad shot than you ever will from a good shot." - Tom Daugherty Jesuit's performance on Tuesday, November 6th, exemplified this quote as nearly all of Jesuit's bowlers, while having decent first games, found their mark in the second game and destroyed their opponents and...

Jesuit Varsity Hockey Wins Again!

The scoreboard shows that the opponent is winning, and the pressure is on. It pushes the player to his limits, and in a heartbeat, he has the puck again. He takes this moment to his advantage and dangles past the other team’s offense, pushing the puck forward with him,...

Jesuit Crew Pulls Through Head of the Charles

On October 21st, the Jesuit Dallas Varsity 8 Crew barreled down the 3-mile course on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With multiple harrowing bends and an upstream course, this prestigious race provides challenges to all competitors. Thousands of spectators viewed the Head of the Charles, one of the...

Inside Jesuit Admissions

Packs of 8th graders swarm through the halls, ambassadors hurry around campus, showing off the cafeteria or weight room to prospective families.  Buckle up, hold on to your hat, (insert another cringy cliché); it's admissions season. With the current Students for Fair Admission vs. Harvard legal controversy, the college admissions process...


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Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

Ted Cruz: Your Senator, A Murderer!? It’s an early morning, snow blanketing the ground outside of the Calgary hospital. A seemingly innocent child is brought into this world, but could this child be the infamous murderer who terrorized Northern California in the late 60s and early 70s? Let’s decide. The Facts Ted...

Arizona Senate Race

One of the closest races in the Senate this year in Arizona, where Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, and Republican Martha McSally are running to replace the seat of Jeff Flake.  Mr. Flake has felt much of the ire of the Republican base, as he has uttered the phrase “country over...

20 Years Later: How Close Were The Truman Show’s...

When I first went to find images to include in this article, I simply typed in "The Truman Show." The search results began loading in and one thing immediately caught my eye. Beneath the movie's title, the search engine had categorized the 1998 film as a Drama/Fantasy. Twenty years...

Community Profiles

The Roundup Photo Competition Winners

About a month and a half ago, The Roundup began to host a photo competition over the best photos on Student Life and Campus, both receiving the prize, a $10 Chick-Fil-A gift card. After judging all the submissions and many changes of heart over the winning pics, we finally...

Father Postell Returns to Jesuit

“I think Jesus would be at home in the school if he would return. I used to hear a lot of things about building community and I still think that's a priority.” Returning from his sojourn at Brophy College Preparatory School, an all-boys Jesuit high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Father Phil...

AP Grader: Mr. Dondis

Many of us take AP tests in the Spring, but what we all worry about is studying for the test, and eventually taking it. However, we often ignore or take for granted what happens after we take the daunting test. Well, luckily, we have our very own AP grader...


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