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NSPA First Class Rating with One Mark of Distinction

Kudos, Roundup staff on your news site! You've put together an outstanding publication…You are doing such outstanding work reaching out to your readership and including them. You are an advocate for your school community and really serve as a leader. Advocate change where you see it needs to happen and commend others in your school and community for the good they do.

Medical Society’s 2018 Trip to Guatemala

Fifty pound medicine bags, nine students, six doctors, three days, two teachers, and one mission. Jesuit students were playing Uno on the filthy airport floor in Guatemala City, excitedly sharing their spring break plans and interest in medicine. Advised not to pet the wild dogs, they rushed into dented...


Super-Soph’s Take on the Midpoint Retreat

For many students, the highlight of the school day is lunch. It offers time for talking with friends, eating, and of course a little gaming. On April 11th at this year's sophomore retreat, however, that wasn't the case. Of course, the students enjoyed playing basketball against their peers, mini...

Jesuit Welomes Mexican Exchange Students

"Ay, ¿qué ónda güey? (Hey, what's up bro?)"  A group of excited students in red t-shirts burst through the terminal doors and flocked to their new families.  New friendships were beginning and old friendships were strengthening as the Mexican students were welcomed into the Jesuit Dallas community. For three weeks...

Meet STUCO 2018-2019

Wednesday, November 9, 2016: the day millions of Americans woke up to their Twitter feeds, news providers, neighbors, and parents bombarding them with the news that Donald Trump would be the 45th president of the United States. Millions of Americans invested the past 18 months of their lives following...


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The Ultimate Guide to Texas Primaries

As people are still recovering from the polarized election of 2016, it may be shocking that elections are again on the horizon. If you do not vote in these midterm elections, you will not be in the minority. In the last midterm elections during 2014, voter turnout was 35.9%...

America’s Plague of Gun Violence

The Time is Now: Seventeen lives were lost on Valentines Day in Parkland, Florida where a shooter went inside the school unopposed and was later pinned down by the police. What happened in Florida is another case of the many mass shootings that have occurred in our country. The United States has...


Why You Should Read “No Country For Old Men”

Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men is not only my favorite book but also a book I think everyone should read. Although it may not immediately appeal to the majority of readers, as the western genre has become increasingly niche and the story overall has a dark tone,...


Community Profiles

Sudoku for Dummies – The Finale

Congrats to Mr. Batik for being the only one to email any solutions over the past two weeks! 4.1 4.2 4.3 No one else sent anything. Rather disappointing. I tried to get people to do 4.4 and one guy told me "it was literally impossible." Maybe I made it too hard I guess... I'm not...

Jesuit Remembers Father Charles Leininger, SJ

Many measure one’s eminence through their legacy: their impact on the community and the number of lives touched during their time on earth. By these standards, Reverend Charles A. Leininger, SJ surely lives among the greats. His 76 years in the Jesuit order have been replete with helping others...

Students Opinions on the Addiction Ignatian Day

“The most profound thing about the Ignatian day is most likely just better understanding the process of addiction and how it works.” “Presented with the destruction that addiction can cause, it gives you a whole lot of perspective on the whole issue.” On February 28th, the student body of Jesuit completed...


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