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Student Council Achieves New Dress Code Concessions

Yes. You read the title correctly. You may be thinking: How is this possible? What could they possibly have done? Quarter-zip sweaters have been added to Jesuit's dress code. And who do we have to thank? None other than Jesuit's STUCO. No longer will the student body suffer through sub-70...


Meet Jesuit’s New TED-Ed Club

Tapping his foot on the floor, Brandon Vergel ‘20 quickly reviews the points in his head. About to give a TED talk to hundreds of strangers, Brandon begins to calm himself down. When the announcer calls his name, he confidently walks on the stage, and delivers an amazing speech. This...

Cowboys Corral Playoff Hopes with Four Game Win Streak

It's Thanksgiving. The food and family are great, but the real highlight of the day is, of course, the annual Cowboys game versus a division rival. Coming off of a two-game winning streak, everyone knew this was going to be a pivotal game in the Cowboys' season, and it...

Debate Exceeds Early-Season Expectations

Jesuit Dallas Debate recently kicked off the 2018-2019 season with a series of stellar performances. The Rangers dominated at various early-season national tournaments, including Grapevine, St. Marks, and New Trier. Grapevine One of the very first tournaments of debate nationwide, the annual Grapevine tournament, always boasts an array of tough teams...

Fantasy Football Advice: The Playoffs

The fantasy football playoffs have already arrived, whether you like it or not. For many, the crucial matchups of Week 13 determined playoff eligibility along with the strong and weak points of their teams. The fantasy playoffs bring a whole new change of scenery and a fresh start for...


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Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

Ted Cruz: Your Senator, A Murderer!? It’s an early morning, snow blanketing the ground outside of the Calgary hospital. A seemingly innocent child is brought into this world, but could this child be the infamous murderer who terrorized Northern California in the late 60s and early 70s? Let’s decide. The Facts Ted...

Arizona Senate Race

One of the closest races in the Senate this year in Arizona, where Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, and Republican Martha McSally are running to replace the seat of Jeff Flake.  Mr. Flake has felt much of the ire of the Republican base, as he has uttered the phrase “country over...


The news came as a surprise to many that keep up with current hip-hop when producer Metro Boomin announced his retirement from hip-hop via Instagram in April of 2018. It was unclear as to why the decision had been made by the BET award-winning “Producer of the Year” of 2016...

Community Profiles

Epic Rap Battle: DKam vs. LOTB

DISCLAIMER: THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY INVOLVED IN THIS RAP BATTLE COMPETED FOR FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. NOTHING SAID WAS OF SERIOUS VERBAL ABUSE      Hyped students flood into the theater, buzzing about a "rap battle" they heard about throughout the hallways during the week. "Who's DKam and who's LOTB?" the...

Father Postell Returns to Jesuit

“I think Jesus would be at home in the school if he would return. I used to hear a lot of things about building community and I still think that's a priority.” Returning from his sojourn at Brophy College Preparatory School, an all-boys Jesuit high school in Phoenix, Arizona, Father Phil...

Freshman Town Hall and the 11 Candidates

Vote for Me! No, Vote for Me! It all started during 4th period, Town Hall, a way for students to inform themselves about who to vote for and why. This was the first time that Jesuit has done any sort of event like this. Mr. Howard and Mr. Amelotte...


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