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One of the biggest questions for those going to Jesuit Homecoming is where you and your date will go to dinner before the dance. For a lot of people, this is a tough question because you really want to impress her. So I’ve made a list of restaurants with a wide range of prices, cuisines, and locations that are...

Chipotle Wins!

I've found it. No, not just the best burrito in the world, but also, heaven, my friends – heaven. In burrito form, that is. And you'll see me with no other burrito in my hands than one from Chipotle, the pinnacle of burrito excellence. Some argue that another burrito establishment, Qdoba, surpasses Chipotle's burrito quality in that they provide the...

Qdoba Wins

For all those out there who favor Chipotle’s burrito over Qdoba’s there can be only one excuse: they’ve never tried Qdoba. In my opinion Qdoba’s masterpiece beats Chipotle’s in every way. Whether it’s the choice of ingredients available – Qudoba has 2 more starting meat options than Chipotle, counting the vegetarian option – or their ability to wrap the giant...
For years, hearing about In-N-Out Burger and its glorious success in California has made me desirous of their legendary food. When the privately-owned chain opened its doors in Allen and Frisco, I, among a thousand others, flocked to get my own “Double-Double” during the opening week. As I walked into the Allen location, I noticed every seat was taken, and...
2011, The Roundup writing staff, tired of reading the pedestrian D Magazine yearly burger reviews, decided to turn their ardent journalism skills toward finding the number one hamburger in the greater Dallas area.  As has become the norm with The Roundup staff, our writers exhaustively researched their project, tirelessly pouring over hamburgers from the four corners of the Metroplex...

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