It’s August. The first day of school has finally arrived. Jesuit students get to see all of their friends again and get back into the grind of things. But more importantly, they get to return to the Jesuit Campus; their home. But for many students, their home seemed a little different when they walked into the Information Commons and noticed everything wasn’t as they had remembered. The Information Commons experienced some renovations over the summer, and from structure renovations to updated technology, the new Info Commons has it all.

Math Lab and Bubbles

        One of the more striking changes to the Information Commons is the newly updated “Bubbles,” or the glass-closed rooms in the back. In the past, there were two bubbles accessible to everyone, which people utilized for studying and socializing. Now, while there are still two Bubbles, Jesuit greatly expanded the first Bubble and shrunk the second one, making a larger and smaller Bubble. Furthermore, the larger Bubble will now house the new Math Lab, making the Bubble a more quiet and study-oriented atmosphere, while the smaller Bubble will continue to be used as a study room.

Study Hall

        If the desks in the Information Commons seemed like a welcoming place to come in during a free period and study, then don’t get too comfortable. Freshman Study Hall will no longer be held in HH100, and will now be held strictly in the Information Commons. According to Mr. Kirby, the change was made “to make room for the counselors to have HH100 solely as a guidance space.” So expect to see more guidance meetings in HH100 instead of your class commons.

New Computers

        Tired of the old Info Commons computers that you would always bang your knees against when you sat down? Well, the last major change to the Info Commons is the new line of computers, the Dell OptiPlex machines, cutting edge technology that take up less space and run smoother. Chief Technology Officer Jesse McKneely described the updates to the new Info-Commons computers, saying “These are Dell computers, which is a really great start because in the past we’ve bought non-name brand computers, and it’ll let us manage them better. The machines are also mounted underneath the monitor, reducing the breakage and accidents with the computers.”

        Mr. Kirby says the motivation for these changes came from the students and faculty themselves: “Guys were asking for more quiet spaces, and the counselors noted they needed more space for Guidance classrooms… so it was really shifting resources to get everything accounted for.” Along with these changes, the Information Commons is adopting a more educational-oriented environment. Jesuit will be prioritizing students who need the computers to work, meaning if you’re playing Halo on the computer there’s a good chance you’ll be the first to be kicked off, as well as maintaining a quiet environment and not tolerating any loud distractions.

        These changes are met with positivity from many students, as Matthew Lavault ’18 commented, “I think the changes will make things more productive and make the environment more educational, a great initiative on Jesuit’s part.” All in all, the changes are meant to facilitate a better working environment, and essentially strengthens the Info Commons as a whole.

        Welcome back to school, and, as always, stay tuned to The Roundup for more community-related news!

Michael Miramontes '18
Michael Amadeus Miramontes, a dashing yet clever fellow, lives in Allen, Texas. Prior to Jesuit, he attended an Allen public middle school. Aside from The Roundup, Michael is the president of Interact, Vice President of JCL, 2-Time Allstate Musician for his beloved instrument, the clarinet, and likewise plays in the Jesuit-Ursuline-Ranger-Band. He's also heavily involved in his parish, and makes Quizlets that are renowned by many. If you see Michael in the hallways, don't forget to give him a strong High-Five.

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