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We decided as a podcast that it would be easier for listeners to find what they like to listen to in regards to topics if we recorded the podcasts in chunks versus recording the podcast as one whole segment. This allows the segments to be easier to navigate and will allow us to have guests drop by in the...
The Round Up Podcast #2 with Gilbert, DeLong, & Berrios Pardon the Ambient Noise For The First Two and a Half Minutes. Better audio will be present in the next podcast.   Featuring Hunter Gilbert (Host, Producer, Audio Mixer) Blake DeLong (Host) Enrique Berrios (Host) Kenneth Crowe (Sound, Mics) Topics Discussed - In Order (Sort Of) . Quant nanoFlowCell technology hopes to be an alternative to EVs. It is...
The 1st Jesuit News Podcast for School News, along with News for Movies, Music, and most importantly Games. Starring Hunter Gilbert Blake DeLong
A couple times each month, the downstairs band hall of the Terry Center plays host to a new Jesuit club. The Beethoven Society is an organization created for connoisseurs of classical music and those who want to learn more about classical music. The club currently consists of 15 members, but is open to anyone who wants to join.  Musical performers, proficient...

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Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas offers young men an excellent, Catholic education in the classical Jesuit tradition with the purpose of forming a community of men with high moral principles and service to others.

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