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A Thing for Wings: Jesuit’s Fascination with a “Hot” Menu Item

There's a phenomena at Jesuit every Thursday that few can explain. We went to the students to discover why one item in the cafeteria is more popular than the others.

Playing with Fire: Trump’s Unpredictability in North Korea

(photo of Pyongyang, by How Hwee Young, EPA) Parading through the streets of Pyongyang, festooned with colorful banners in a sea of uniformed soldiers, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) flaunts its increasingly advanced...

Social Media’s Damaging Impacts on the Political Climate

Social media has greatly increased the capacity for mass communication of news, ideas, and data. However, these social networks allow users to censor the information with which they come into contact. This often one-sided...

Fake News: The Media Corrupted

Among the ether of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube that exist as our sources for day to day news, media outlets channel information to those broader platforms in order to reach a massive audience. This...

Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 Texas Rangers

It's Opening Day, and as the Rangers begin their 2017 attempt to beat the Blue Jays in the playoffs (and also try to win the World Series but one step at a time), here's...

The Best Food in the Lone Star State

As we approach the old, stone building, we see the immense line of patrons all eagerly waiting to be admitted inside. Many of them have been waiting since 5:00 am, just to be the...

Resident Evil’s Newest Addition Proves Immensely Entertaining

The newest game in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, has somehow managed to reanimate the franchises the festering and petrified corpse so that it may once again shamble into our hearts. Well,...

Brother, Why Must I Park Far?

For years, Jesuit students who fail to get a junior lot parking pass have been pushed to the outskirts of the school and forced to make the perilous walks from Willow to school, regardless of...

Luol Deng: NBA All-Star, Refugee

Perhaps you've been following the most controversial action yet enacted by the Trump administration: the decision to temporarily shut down the Office of Refugee Resettlement and, to prohibit foreign nationals of seven nations from...

The Top 10 Catches in Super Bowl History

The 51st Super Bowl was one for the ages. Super Bowl LI consisted of a lot of G.O.A.Ts. We saw Tom Brady absolutely confirm that he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. We saw...

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