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Walter Stagaman '20

Walter Stagaman '20
Before Jesuit, Walter went to Richardson North Jr. High. He now is part of the FTC robotics team and JURB.

Hail to The Chief

Every year The Roundup selects an Editor-in-Chief to help lead it throughout the next school year.  The application process includes several steps: a written portion, containing his goals for the next year and his qualifications for...

Jesuit Students Write to Inmates in new Pen-Pal Program

Those who are convicted and sent to prison don't always have a chance to talk to people outside of the penitentiary, making for a lonely time inside. There are those who may not find any reason...

March for Life

On January 13th and 14th of the year 2017, our ex Bishop Greg Kelly, and a multitude of people came to different locations all over Dallas to raise awareness for the children who have...

Great Gifts for the Holiday Season

"On sale now!" and "Holiday special!" are things you have probably heard on the radio or on TV nowadays, meaning it's that time of year again; the time when the family comes together and...

Jesuit’s Own 1st Place Winner at ESD Film Festival

Stars light up the sky, but the trees cast darkness down on two friends. Softly, flies and bugs can be heard buzzing about the air, though not loudly enough to overshadow the hum of the...

Second Presidential Debate 2016

It seemed as if they went over everything but the questions from this debate, from old issues such as Hillary's emails to the new video of Donald Trump. On Sunday, October 9 at Washington University in...