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Noah Johnson '18

Noah Johnson '18
Jesuit students, huddled around tables, filling bags with the sustenance of life, prepared 87,000 meals for hungry children in Zambia. 87,000 of anything is an enormous amount, but to have 87,000 meals, packaged by hand in one day, is a major accomplishment, an accomplishment which will feed 761 orphans for an entire year. This massive event served as the junior...
For years, Jesuit students who fail to get a junior lot parking pass have been pushed to the outskirts of the school and forced to make the perilous walks from Willow to school, regardless of weather. These students struggle through the rain and cold to make a slightly longer walk than the rest of the students who purchased parking passes...
Freshly brewed tea being ceremoniously poured and drank, dumplings preparing in a steamer, sweetened rice cakes being munched on by hungry students, and an assortment of other cultural foods rapidly being consumed, students gathered together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Jesuit Chinese Club has been putting on a Lunar New Year annually going on several years now in...
​Young 8th graders touring the hallways, curious adults asking questions to the faculty, and teachers eager to meet potential students, all coming together to create the standard scene of a Jesuit Preview Day. This year many new techniques were implemented for a better and more informative Preview Day; however some old aspects were removed from the schedule. The man behind...

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