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A Tale of Two Jesuits

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” these iconic lines ran through my head as I walked into the Xavier High School entryway, shivering from the biting New York...

Racism in Film: Movies and Society Part 7

In no other place can racism project itself across so many people’s minds. Movies captivate young and old, man and woman, black and white. Viewed by millions upon millions and telling a wide variety...

A Modern Jesuit Renaissance Man: The Roundup Interviews Fr....

Without paying careful attention, you can walk right past the America media headquarters on West 56th Street. The nameplate, worn and faded through years of exposure to weather, blends seamlessly into the charcoal entryway....

Blood and Gore: Movies and Society Part 6

WARNING: The links to film clips are graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.  As the white shower curtains are drawn back, and the awaiting outline of the shady attacker wields his knife aloft, the...

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5 Ways to Decide Your Major in College

Whenever I approach one of my parents' friends, I brace myself for an interrogation. They always ask one of two things: where do you want to go to school, or what will your major be? To me, the latter...

One Last Post – Hunter Gilbert ’16

58,981 words and counting. To many this may appear to be a random number pulled out of thin air. To me personally, it is something much more. At the moment, (according to WordPress) that is the exact amount of...

Fight like Hell: Doom Review

*Warning Graphic Content Ahead (Blood/Gore) The first person genre for consuming video games and cinematic experiences was arguably brought to life among the masses in December of 1993. December 10, 1993 was the release of the titular title Doom. The effects...

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