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Resident Evil’s Newest Addition Proves Immensely Entertaining

The newest game in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, has somehow managed to reanimate the franchises the festering and petrified corpse so that it may once again shamble into our hearts. Well, that and our nightmares. After...

Brother, Why Must I Park Far?

For years, Jesuit students who fail to get a junior lot parking pass have been pushed to the outskirts of the school and forced to make the perilous walks from Willow to school, regardless of weather. These students struggle through...

Luol Deng: NBA All-Star, Refugee

Perhaps you've been following the most controversial action yet enacted by the Trump administration: the decision to temporarily shut down the Office of Refugee Resettlement and, to prohibit foreign nationals of seven nations from entering the United States. Although...

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